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Hubungi Kami

Hubungi Kami

Monday, 18 July 2016

Once Upon A Bucket List ~ Zinnita

She picked up a pebble and threw it away so hard, hoping that all the pain she was feeling would go away. So she thought! Meet Shika, a writer with hypermobility syndrome. The pebble hit Dylan, the guy who would then change her life forever.

Dylan would never fit the description of her dream guy. Nor would she to him. Together they went through the test of time. When he fell, she picked him up. When she cried, he dried her tears. When he was hurt, she comforted him. When she couldn’t go on, he went for her. When he asked, she gave. When life said no, she said yes.

This is the story of Shika and Dylan, one about love and hate. A symbiotic relationship that was filled with so much excitement, beauty and goodness and they had every reason and means to be happy and content. Above all, fulfilling a bucket list is to learn how to be open with our own vulnerabilities so that we can form connection with other human beings. But did Shika manage to do it?
(SEM & S/S) RM25.00 > RM22.00

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