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Hubungi Kami

Hubungi Kami

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Story of Another Us ~ Zinnita

(SEM & S/S) RM25.00 > RM22.00

One year later…
Everything has changed. Shika’s life has taken its tolls after receiving the last e-mail from Dylan. She covers tears with a smile, she camouflages sorrow with a laugh. She picks up the pen and writes her story.
But, what about the ending?

“We’re thinking… maybe you should go to Perth and find Dylan.” – Rena

Following the breadcrumbs that Dylan left, Shika finds herself in the big city. With the help of a new friend, Danial, she counts the steps Dylan took along the way, hoping for answers to his disappearance and closure to his silence. Finally, Shika gets her answers and picks up another pen and ends the story. 

One day, the book lands on Dylan’s door. He flips the pages and begins to read. And suddenly, the road to take to go home is clear again. But will his home still be there waiting for him?

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