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Belian & Pertanyaan:

Sunday 18 April 2021

Light For The Lost Soul (Volume 1) ~ Mizz Nina

(SEM & SS) RM54.00 > RM51.00

After years of chasing after everything that makes her happy, former international singer and songwriter Mizz Nina finally asked herself what was truly important to her.

Light For The Lost Soul is a series that narrates the story of her life when she decided to leave the spotlight and the stage in her quest to seek light and love for her faith.

She opens up some of the personal stories in her life while inviting readers to embark on a reflective journey into the heart.

In this very first volume of the series, Mizz Nina shared guided steps for one’s spiritual development that she learned from her teachers of the deen and international scholars.

In this life, many lights will attract us, yet they blind us, pulling us further into the darkness. But there is one light that will lead us back to peace. There is one light that will guide us to the contentment we seek.

This one light is for the lost soul.