Belian & Pertanyaan:

Belian & Pertanyaan:

Sunday 27 February 2022

Making Art Out of Pain ~ Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar

(SEM & SS) RM35.00 > RM34.00

‘Is it possible for beautiful things to come from a place of hurt and disappointment?’

A beautiful life is not always one that goes on smoothly. A beautiful life is when the soul finds a way to make peace with the rough edges of existence. A beautiful life is interpreting the whole spectrum of human experiences, through the lens of faith.

Fuelled by revealed divine verses and pressing personal reminiscences, this book coupled with vivid metaphorical watercolour artworks offers ten crafts to carry on when in the throes; to challenge what we perceive events in life to represent, how we respond to the unexpected, unfamiliar, and unpleasant, and what we choose to become in the face of everything.