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Belian & Pertanyaan:

Friday 20 December 2019

How To Manage Your Habit ~ Mejar (B) Mohammad Qayyum A. Badaruddin

(SEM & SS) RM26.00 > RM23.40

Listening - One of the habits that help employees to feel a part of the company's success is when the manager listens to what staff members have to say.

Respect - Employees do not like being taken for granted. Good management techniques include the ability to let employees know that their efforts are appreciated and that employees are respected by company management.

Honesty - Managers need to be in the habit of being honest with employees in order to earn employee trust.

Loyalty - Companies expect loyalty from its employees in terms of honoring work agreements, coming to work on time and being reliable.

Work Ethic - Managers who expect their subordinates to do all of the work are not respected by the staff.

Personable - Managers need to develop the habit of being personable. If an employee is having issues at home, and it is affecting her productivity at work, then the employee needs to feel as though she can discuss the issue with her manager. A good manager can help employees maintain that balance between work and personal life that helps maintain good productivity. Good managers have good management habits Companies and managerial candidates need to be able to identify these good management habits to develop productive management teams.