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Belian & Pertanyaan:

Saturday 9 April 2022

Befriending The Quran

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In life, we always have that one friend whom we turn to in times of happy and sad, good or bad.
As Muslims, can that ‘friend’ be our Quran?
Can the Quran be the one that you turn to when you need to be uplifted, comforted and are in need of answers?

In this book, author Ayesha Syahira shares the journey she took when she decided to make the Quran the companion she loves and trusts.

Building a relationship with the Quran cannot happen in one day.
It will take years.
It will require patience, and persistence.

Each of us will have our own personal journey of connecting with the Quran and nurturing love towards the Quran. The steps and stories might vary from one person to another but the goal is the same —to always be close to your Quran.

Table of content
Quran and You
First Encounter With the Quran
Falling in Love With the Quran

Relationship with the Quran
How to Befriend the Quran
How to Treat Your Quran: The Adab
How to Interact With the Quran: 4R
How to Connect With the Quran
How to Create a Routine With the Quran
How to Build the Habit
How to Make Time for the Quran

Istiqamah with Your Quran
How to Istiqamah
Why We Need to Maintain Istiqamah
Ways to Maintain Istiqamah